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That pretty much sums up my life nowadays. I will be doing something, walking into a room or driving, and I will go askew. Someone will inevitably ask at that same moment, "What are you doing?". Which will confuse me and I can only respond, "Yeah, well...I was thinking about something else".

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Just Have to Say Something...

The Apprentice - Although I could easily do 30-40 hours a week of TV if given the chance, I have but one show that I prove loyal to. Of course, that would be the Apprentice (Thursday's 9pm est on NBC). I believe in the pit of my black, black heart that Bill and Kwame (finally Kwame RIP) are going to get axed, leaving Nick and Amy. Somehow Troy figures into this. Don't know how but I'm sure it's ratings driven.
As for the show itself, it's all about ratings. Omarosa = ratings gold (but a personal nightmare). Troy, although ethically challenged at times, made a heroic effort, and was rewarded accordingly until the end, and I've said it before Troy bowed out more gracefully than anyone else so far. So why bring back Troy? The remaining four are to boring to keep us riveted? No, that can't be it. (I hope!)
On a sidenote; Kwame and Troy really look like they've forged a friendship and kept it separate from business. I saw Troy on Leno where he said, and I agree, if he (Troy) had taken Bill into the Boardroom instead of Kwame, Donald would have fired him (Troy) for that alone. Troy = shrewd businessman.
Personally, I pull for Nick ('course now, having said that, he'll be fired tonight making me look like a real chucklehead) mostly for showing great leadership qualities, allowing others to step up when he saw they had a better grasp on an aspect of the task, gave credit where it was due. Showed true strength of character giving back the money on the handsome cab advertising thing. Making the unilateral decision during the art deal without really pissing people off, was dfinite brownie points.
It just came to me that my kids were watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day and now that I think about it, Nick kinda looks like a grown up Charlie Bucket. Good Luck Nick.


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