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That pretty much sums up my life nowadays. I will be doing something, walking into a room or driving, and I will go askew. Someone will inevitably ask at that same moment, "What are you doing?". Which will confuse me and I can only respond, "Yeah, well...I was thinking about something else".

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

100 More Things About Me

I don't have the last list handy, so I'm hoping that I don't repeat myself. Also,I don't have the last list handy, so I'm hoping that I don't repeat myself.

1. Tinnitus. It is constant noise (and this is the important part) inside my head. Yes, just like William Shatner suffers from. The next time you're in the shower listen to the sound of the water. That is what I hear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will also continue until the day I die when (hopefully) it will finally be quiet.
2. Phobic about stairs and sharks. Haven't been in the ocean more than 5-6 times since 1975. Coincidentally, the same year Jaws hit the theaters, I left the beach in my '64 Chevy Biscayne without looking back. Unfortunately, stairs are everywhere and my loathing stems from balance issues as well as unreasonable and unfounded fear.
3. I don't really hate being fat because i know that if I did hate being fat, I would make an infinitely better effort to not be fat. I am making strides though, as I do realize that for sure, I don't want to die a big fat guy.
4. Love TV. Any TV. I will watch any TV. I love discovering things on TV like CSI: Weekend, when they run the old episodes (which are all new to me).
5. I love comfortable clothes. Of late, during these winter months, I've discovered shirts and such for lounging about the old homestead that are really comfortable.
6. I like blue best. Even Bleu Cheese.
Sub-Category: Things I love
7. Everything Bagel, toasted, with cream cheese, and a black coffee from Dunkin Donuts. 'nough said.
8. The smell of fresh sawed wood.
9. The smell of fresh mown grass.
10. Wine.
11. Anything that's clever or that has a real huge surprise. Examples of this would be, The Sting, The Usual Suspects, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and my most personal favorite, Rollo Tomasi.
12. Driving.
13. Disney World. To me, it very much is, the happiest place on Earth. I've only been six times (including honeymoon), but it gets better every single time.
14. Chicago. I've been a real lot of places, but as a place to go (second only to WDW), Chicago is the best. Even when it sucks, it's still fun.
15. I'm as tall as a 6'3" tree.
16. Sleep Apnea. 89 episodes an hour whilst I sleep. For those who do not know what that means, in the course of an hour I literally stop breathing an average of 89 times.
17. Krispy Kreme Donuts, but not the coffee.
18. I do not believe in chance, only coincidence.
19. Love getting email (but not spam)
20. IM is a Love/Hate relationship at best. I believe when you see someone on your list as available, that it's like riding an elevator with someone you kinda know. You feel like you should talk but you don't want to all the time.
21. Pizza. I KNOW this was on the last list, but, Hey! It's pizza!
22. Middle-Aged, Middle Management, Married, Mortgage.
23. Don't want to die of old-age, but then I just don't want to die, either.
24. Vitiligo. Most won't have heard of this devastating little gem. It is harmless, odorless, and most important, colorless. Really what it does is take the color out of the pigment of ones skin, rendering the skin white. Not like Elijah Wood pasty white, but actual white. Well, that's not entirely true. It creates patches of white which gets really expensive makeup wise as it progresses.
25. I am an awful reader.
26. Many who talk to me think I went to college. But the reality is I was mighty lucky to finish High School.
27. I enjoy a good sense of humor. I love a great sense of humor.
28. Discovered a cockroach embedded in the bottom of a carton of Hood Vanilla Ice Cream and did not eat ice cream for years afterwards.
29. Don't like living where there are less than four seasons.
30. Enjoyed my time in retail, but never want to do it again.
31. Wanna try sky-diving someday. (Don't worry, it'll never happen...small fear of heights. I just think it's cool)
32. Become paralyzed when one of those fucking Time-Life Music Infomercials comes on. Doesn't even matter what decade.
33. I know it's selfish, but I really enjoy me time.
34. The Gag Reel has become my favorite part of most DVDs.
35. Think Sylvester Stallone is a lot better than he gets credit for.
36. Have seen a cobra...in the wild.
37. Am better about eating fish, which is supposedly 'healthier'.
38. Favorite thinking alone thing to do is be in a tall building at night that overlooks a city (view of at least three miles).
39. Despise karaoke. I wish them all a horrible painful death, at least as harsh as when i was subjected to their 'talent'.
40. I like my job, although I don't think I will for much longer, necessitating a move to a different job, as yet undetermined.
41. I miss the Sci-Fi Channel.
42. I do like Bravo, and AMC.
43. Bowling is somewhere on a level with karaoke.
44. My Mom just quit working. Not retired. Quit. She's 83.
45. I eat a lot healthier than the last time I made this list (roughly a year and a half, two years ago). better shape I think, too.
46. Not a big candy fan.
47. Bloggers fascinate me.
48. Have never been able to do a forward roll. Even in grade school.
49. Drink coffee by the bucket. And I'm good with that.
50. I think cows are far and away the funnier of the barnyard animals.

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