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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Pernell Roberts School of Career Decision Making

Once upon a time there was a show called Bonanza. It was a western show about a man who owned a ranch where his three grown sons also lived. From week to week the man and his sons experienced western adventures that pleased American audiences on Sunday nights for fourteen years.

Well, not all the sons made it the whole fourteen years. One of the sons thought being on a popular TV show was beneath him. He said so. He complained. A lot. Over and over. The public actually did not care. They liked him in his part, but after six years, the actor could no longer take it so he bailed. He left to go do bigshot movies, and the Broadway stage, and better TV. He left the hit TV show so that his career could soar.

That actor was Pernell Roberts. Do you know his name? I do because I’m cursed with an incredible memory for television and movies. If you don’t know his name, that’s OK. He is a very good actor and does work…occasionally. No real soaring though, just kinda works…occasionally. What makes him stand out is that he is a very good actor (award worthy) and he bitched and moaned about what many would consider a very sweet deal for an actor.

There are others who at a critical juncture (erroneously) decided, “I’m better than this crap.” Most notably; Shelley Long ("Cheers"), Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure) Sherry Stringfeld (left two series! NYPD Blue, ER), and several folks from Saturday Night Live.

Oh, and of course, David Caruso. He left NYPD Blue over ten years ago! Yet he goes on being punished. He’s done a few movies, none memorable. I think of CSI:Miami as his penance. A way to let him back into the fold. If you’ll act in this garbage, Dave, we’ll see about throwin’ you some better stuff later. I hope it works out because I really enjoy his work.

As for Pernell Roberts. He left Bonanza about forty years ago, and Pernell is in his late seventies now. From what I read, these days he often says that he regrets how he goofed when he blew off Bonanza.


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