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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lucy Liu...How you doin?

While the writers continue to toss darts at the ridiculous storyline dartboard in search of ideas for Joey, one of the joys of the show are the guests. Kelly Preston was amazing and the guy(Danny Nucci) who played her husband was very funny. Bobbie the Agent (Jennifer Coolidge) keeps getting better.
And this week we had Lucy Liu, not playing a bitch for once, but someone driven (with OCD). She was a joy to watch, and had good chemistry with...
I was going to say good chemistry between her and Matt, but then I was going to say her and the cast, but what I am going to say is -
It's the chemistry of the cast that keeps this buggy afloat, although I'm not gonna dump on the writers too much because the twists in this episode for Joey Tribiani as executed by Lauren were worthy. Most worthy.


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