I Was Thinking About Something Else

That pretty much sums up my life nowadays. I will be doing something, walking into a room or driving, and I will go askew. Someone will inevitably ask at that same moment, "What are you doing?". Which will confuse me and I can only respond, "Yeah, well...I was thinking about something else".

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

I was just reading that this show tanked (as compared with Medium, which rocketed through the roof!). How come? I confess I don't anything about the show except that everyone who called in on the radio this morning HATED it. From what little I know about the premise it seemed like the producers had sunk lower than whale shit to come up with an idea.

But on the up side Committed (which means no Scrubs) is on tonight, so we'll just have to take a look see.


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