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Sunday, December 05, 2004

I Had To Let Zach Braff's Blog Go...

I have a section that resides on the front page of my blog that lists blogs of celebrities. Those folks that are famous enough for you to know who they are at the mere mention of their name and even though they are famous they still find time to maintain a web journal.
I think this is very cool for a few reasons:
1. We like famous people. To see them. To hear them. To touch them (not in a stalker, but more of a handshake kinda way). They have entertained us in some way, so we feel a connection with them, although in reality most of us will never ever be in any kind of contact with them.
2. Until recently fan mail was about it in terms of Joe/Jill Average making any kind of contact with their ‘famous person’. After the Internet explodes all over the Earth, enter the electronic diary. A writing tool that is available to anyone, anywhere, in the world, who has access to a computer.
3. The very shrewdest of celebrities have figured out this is a goldmine. In a win-win situation, rather winding up in a ‘Where are they now’ segment of Entertainment Tonight, non-A list celebrities remain in public view by creating a huge fan base with their blog, and in the second part of the win, we, non-famous, people can have a much greater connection. It’s a very real possibility that if you email one of these celebrity bloggers, that you will get personal reply!
The list of folks that I picked had to cohabit on my blog are people I really like, of course. Not that I’m in anyway picky but one of the guidelines for the list, and this is a big deal, is that the blog actually has to at least seem personal. The owner is making actual entries or at the very least, appears to be. If the blog seems to be more of a marketing tool for the celeb, well then, I don’t need them around my place. And that is why I had to let Zach Braff go. Don’t get me wrong. I think Zach Braff is an awesome, multi-talented individual, and Scrubs, well, it doesn’t get any better. But in terms of his blog, I think it’s not really a blog. It’s an ad campaign. Zach is really famous right now, and deservedly so. Not denying that. I don’t think blogging is sacred, either. For myself, I just like it to be more personal.
On the other end of the spectrum, you have Wil Wheaton, who technically hasn’t been ‘famous’ for quite sometime now, but he has a huge following, and is probably the most famous celebrity blogger. He writes his own material and there is a great sincerity to his writing. He admits to geekiness, and when things suck, and it seems almost incidental on his site to be promoting his book, which of course, is going to be there, but again he’s not beating you over the head with it.
I’m sorry Zach. Maybe years down the road you’ll fall out of favor in Hollywood and start true blogging. Until then the sign says, ‘No Salesmen Allowed’.


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