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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Once Again I feel Like A Big Boob (and I hate that)

Here in my last post I went on and on ad infinitum about how Zach Braff's Blog (if you can call it that) was banned from the halls and walls of my blog for not really being a blog and I realized, without even looking closely, I had made a link to Tyler Florence of the Food Network. He is my personal cooking hero, but the link is not to his blog (doubt he has one), but sort of a combo fan/informational webpage.
So let me attempt to clear this up, or muddy it, whichever you prefer. I believe I first linked to him as part of an alcohol related incident, but who really knows? He's there now and I want to advertise him, because he is my personal cooking hero. I make alot of different basic food items very well now, mostly because of him. The Food Network, which is arguably, evil incarnate, is where Tyler has a few shows, Food 911, How to Boil Water, Tyler's Ultimate, and various specialty shows.
I'm gonna take a moment here to focus on Food 911, and Tyler's Ultimate.
The premise of Food 911 is that you wrote to Tyler to ask him to help you make scrambled eggs, because the last time you made scrambled eggs all you needed to add was brown food coloring and it would have been just like a fake pile of dog pooh made out of rubber. Tyler, answering your call, shows up at your house and, using your kitchen utensils, teaches you how to make the most awesome scrambled eggs.
That little anecdote is actually true and what Tyler taught this woman how to do was make scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and, here's the kicker, all the items were hot at the same time, AND (this is no lie) it was done in eight (8) minutes! I swear to you that this is no lie because I have done it! Say AMEN, brothers and sistas!
That is the beauty of what Tyler does. He rarely, almost never, cooks food that regular people don't eat. Beef Wellington De Fragua Le Orange toot suite sounds great, but who the hell is ever gonna make it in the comfort of their own kitchen. I want a simple killer recipe for a roast chicken, and not a fancy four fuckin'names roast chicken. Just a roast chicken. Tyler does that. He shows how to make a lot of everyday foods in simple but very tasty ways.
One of my favorite episodes of Food 911 was where Tyler went to a high school and took the life skills class and broke the students into four seperate groups. Each group took on one particular task of basic cooking; braising, boiling, roasting, or baking. He taught each group how to do there basic task and then let them do it, hands on, and at the end of the show, the kids put together this huge meal. It was so cool.
Tyler's Ultimate focuses more on not so much specialty items, but the best of something, like apple pie, or pizza. And even on those shows the recipes still seem within reach.
Anyway, I'm keeping Tyler in the celebrity section because actually, technically, he is a celebrity, though not a blogger.


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