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That pretty much sums up my life nowadays. I will be doing something, walking into a room or driving, and I will go askew. Someone will inevitably ask at that same moment, "What are you doing?". Which will confuse me and I can only respond, "Yeah, well...I was thinking about something else".

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Something to nibble on...

Stole this, of course. Modified it a little too.

The bloggish chef

Are you a good cook?

What’s your top 3 favorite things to make?
1. Strawberry Shortcake
2. Whiskey Cake
3. Roast Chicken with lemon and herbs.

What’s your top 3 favorite things to eat?
1. Pizza
2. Wendy’s
3. Strawberry Shortcake.

Vegetarian or meat lover?
Vegetarian seems like too much work figuring out the good edibles and trying to find plants that taste like meat.

Eggs: scrambled or sunny side up?
Scrambled made with heavy cream until they’re light and fluffy with no dark spots and topped with fresh chives, avocado, ground sea salt, and of course, fresh ground pepper.

Your most used ingredient?
Lemon. Fresh squeezed (squozen(?)) lemon juice brightens up a lot of foods.

I go insane when there is no .… in my fridge.
Meat (various sandwich types, hot dogs, fried chicken)

6 course menu or 1 big meal?
1 big gut busting meal

National food or multi cultural?
Multi cultural. Been doing a lot of good Mexican food lately and the table is always open for Filipino pancit or lumpia.

Appetizer or dessert?
Tough one. I have to say neither because the main meal is gonna make or break the deal. However, Outback Steakhouse has this thing called the Bloomin’ Onion that is just the most amazing appetizer. Kinda like when a movie is so special it needs its own category at the Oscars, like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Breakfast at home or on the way to work?
Breakfast at home. I work evenings so when ambition strikes I’ll make something other than a pot of coffee, but under most normal circumstances though, a pot of coffee is breakfast.

Escargots or frog legs?
Snails, hands down. With warm melted butter, mmmmmm, most tasty.

Take away or order by phone/ online?
Take out. I know its just paranoia that’s worsening, but there is something about some guy that I don’t know driving around town with my food. The idea has really begun to bother me that if he decides my pizza has too many pepperoni’s he might decide to ‘correct’ that problem.

I’ll never cook …..
Scrod. Just because of the name alone.

Favorite dinner drink?
Sangria. In a huge carafe. I like wine/beer too, but Sangria, for me, covers a wider variety of stuff.

BBQ or fondue?
Definitely BBQ. Fondue is too much work with those tinyass toothpicks and you can only get a crumby small portion so you have to have 15 of the little bastards at least to get a reading on whether or not it’s any good. BBQ – Use your hands! Messy! Primal. Love it. Food the way it should be.

Leftovers in the fridge or eat everything that’s on the table?
I only do leftover spaghetti because let’s be honest, it’s really better the second day.

Weirdest thing you ever ate?
I know you’ll laugh and wonder what is he talking about but it’s pork rinds. It’s not so much weird as it is gross. I can’t help thinking about all them tiny little hairs on the pigs skin which they can’t possibly get all off. Sure, I could down a fistful of those Tasmanian cave spiders like on Survivor (everybody knows they’re all pussies anyway) but pork rinds, no maam, I’ll pass.

Tidy cook or does your kitchen look like a war zone when you’re done cooking?
Anything used as part of the cooking process is tidied up so that it is ready to go for next time. That being said I’m afraid the kitchen itself doesn’t fare as well and pretty much gets cleaned up for company or a party.


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