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Thursday, September 30, 2004

New On Fox...

I turned on the tape to watch the Wednesday episode of The Apprentice that I thought was taped for me, but I found myself watching some Fox reality documentary called, “When Women Attack”. Or was it?
Stacie J. is gone. What happens now? The weakest link at the moment is Elizabeth. Everybody Attack Elizabeth! Sadly, the only time they work as a cohesive unit is when they single out one of the herd for sacrifice.
The task was for each team to literally put a restaurant together in a day and get it off the ground
As far as the tasks go, the men have started to work together. Raj was smart enough to rally support for the workers who could bring it off the best. Like a dogsled team., you put the one or two best dogs in front. Raj I thought did a good job, and I’m trying to remember any disagreements but I don’t recall any. Raj was a little tentative about the stockbroker training them as waiters, but he let his instincts win out.
I don’t know what the women’s plan was. It almost seems as though they’re just each one biding her time until only one is left. They started and ended without any organization. Jennifer had no leadership style. For example at on point she thought she should stay in the restaurant, but there really was no reason for her to do that.
The men won the task of getting the best review for their restaurant and their reward was time alone with Rudy Giuliani, which I think is one of the coolest rewards either team has gotten.
Jennifer as Project Leader was responsible and The Donald gave her a choice of two or three people to bring back with her into the boardroom.
...And she sealed her fate right then. She chose Stacey and Elizabeth (Neither of whom was a bad worker) for purely personal reasonx. The Donald actually said this was easy and canned Jennifer.
Please somebody help them (Pamela goes back to the women’s side next week – Sorry Pamela) they’re not entertaining to watch, just destructive.
I have to say here at the top, the thing that made my eyes go widest was how close in score the women were to the men. That was just amazing


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