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Friday, November 05, 2004

Shhhh...My shows are coming on

I just finished Joey (I'm very pleased with where it's going and Kelly Preston did a great job). Will and Grace (always entertaining and kudos to Kristin Davis). Then of course there was The Apprentice. It was better than it has been although last week's well deserved win for Andy was more fun to watch.
Raj and Sandy were in the hot seat this week. They were given two properties to fix up with 20 thousand dollars and it was either a day or 48 hours to fix up the house and get them ready for a pack of appraisers to come in and tack a new value on the properties. Highest sale value wins. Both Raj and Sandy attacked with good visions with the exception that Raj opted to take a four bedroom house and turn it into a three bedroom. Then there were the contractor's. Both teams struggled with the contractor issue until Sandy hired, as Andy put it, these Goodfellas to do the difficult or skilled parts. Raj got a bad break letting Kevin talk him into hiring this loser who couldn't deliver and ultimately the house did not get as finished as it could have been.
BTW add to this mix the first four folks fired (two for each team) and let the sparks fly. In reality only Stacy proved slightly problematic, but I'm sure they were hoping for better TV.
So Raj's team to the Boardroom. Raj was a standup guy and took the blame but he wasn't aggressive enough and after that moron Chris was excused he (Chris) starts going on a rant about how the team sucks. Donald made him PM for next week and said he'd be watching closely. Raj let the tirade pass without lifting a finger and Donald called him on it, as well as other big booboo's that Raj was responsible for so Donald kicked him out of the boat. See ya soon Raj.
On a sidenote there were many times I thought Raj sounded like Bill Rancic, but tonight when Raj provided the only comedy bit with hitting on Robin, I thought, "Oh, Jeff Goldblum once again as a loser."


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