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That pretty much sums up my life nowadays. I will be doing something, walking into a room or driving, and I will go askew. Someone will inevitably ask at that same moment, "What are you doing?". Which will confuse me and I can only respond, "Yeah, well...I was thinking about something else".

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Just to say something positive

I make no claim to have ever involve myself on political matters. I do vote because I believe that's how we stay a free country (and all the other rhetoric.
I'm also not too shy to say that I wanted Kerry, and I don't wish bad things on him but GW is such a moron. He doesn't get that he needs to suck up now to actually half the country and try to win us over at least a little so we can makre this all work. And as for something positive:

He puzzled and puzzled til his puzzler was sore.

The best I could come up with was,

He can't run again.


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